4 Natural Hair Care Tips in Time for Winter

4 Natural Hair Care Tips in Time for Winter

Fall and winter are the seasons most people with textured hair absolutely dread. Lower temperatures mean your luscious curls and coils are in danger of being dried out and broken off (no one wants that).

Keeping up with your natural hair care in the winter doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right hair regimen, your curls will continue to grow and flourish.

You’ve probably asked yourself what can be done to prevent breakage and promote a healthier scalp and hair during these cooler months.

Take these tips and be sure to implement them in your hair care routine.

1. Deep Condition, Deep condition, Deep condition

We can’t say this enough! These months are the most important times to deep condition every week. Without locking in moisture properly your ends will become damaged, split and eventually break.

Hair care in winter calls for the best nutrients. Be sure to use a product with ingredients that will feed and nurture your scalp. Ingredients like Avocado oil and A, B, D and E vitamins are all great for feeding that dry scalp and those hair follicles. The Nourish and Hydrate Deep Conditioning Masqueis the perfect product for this.

Here’s an added tip: use heat or even better a steamer while using our deep conditioning masque. This will allow for the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft, enabling the nutrients to soak into your hair and scalp.

2. To Use Heat or Not to Use Heat?

We get it, it’s the holiday season and you want your hair to look flawless. Before you go flat ironing and blow-drying your hair consider the condition of your hair. If your hair is already dry , dull and lacking moisture try to stay away from applying heat to your hair until you build the moisture levels up with deep conditioning, as mentioned above. Once your hair is in good condition, you can use heat but try to limit heat use to 1-2 times a month. Our Heat Style Kit  will give you all the moisture and the protection you need when rocking your sleek straight looks for the holiday season.

3. Get Creative with Protective Styles

During these cold fall and winter months, many do not want to deal with their hair and want to rock “protective” styles such as faux locs, box braids, wigs and weaves. However, the reason protective in quotes is because despite popular beliefs, these styles are not truly protective and with excessive use can damage the hair follicles and scalp leading to traction alopecia and scalp irritation.

You can still enjoy these styles but use precautions when wearing them. Not installing braids and weave styles too tight, moisturizing your hair under wigs and weaves ( our Twist Out Kitworks wonders for this) and giving your scalp and hair a break, usually for about 4-6weeks in between styles all work to keep your scalp and follicles healthy while wearing these looks.

Styles that are truly protective are styles that use your own natural hair, do not put stress on your scalp and follicles and allow you to moisturize your strands as needed. Perfect examples of this are 2 strand twists with your own hair or braiding and moisturizing your own hair underneath a comb-less wig.

4. Get the Right Oil

Combat chilly weather with an all-natural oil. Our Nourish and Grow Healthy Hair and Scalp Oilincludes avocado oil, jojoba, rosemary, vitamins,and minerals that will help keep moisture in your curls.

Our oil can be used in many different ways, as a pre-shampoo treatment, hot oil treatment and on top of your moisturizer to seal in the moisture. We encourage you to use our oil in these ways to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

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