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Heat Style Kit


The Shampoo, Deep-Conditioner, Oil and Heat Style Cream are the best products I have ever used! My hair feels so silky, the scent is fresh, and my scalp is tingly-clean! My Husband likes the Shampoo and Deep Conditioner! So, I will be stocking-up on Alodia Hair Care Products, and I am not buying anything else!

WONDERFUL products!


First off, I love the fact that the kit came in a water proof case so I can just grab my case and head to the shower. The product scents are delightful! The SCALP OIL has an applicator tip which makes it super easy to apply the oil. I also like that the oil can be used before and after washing my hair, and it's filled with so many ingredients that promote hair growth! After applying the CONDITIONING SHAMPOO I'm able to easily run my fingers through my hair. The DEEP CONDITIONING MASK is super thick, glides on easily, and leaves my hair feeling really moisturized. After I wash and condition my hair I use the HEAT STYLE CREAM to blow dry my hair, then flat iron it. It leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. Great products!

Very pleased


I purchased the Deep Conditioning Treatment four months ago at a natural hair seminar in the Atlanta area. I use this product everytime I shampoo and I can actually feel the nourishment to my scalp and hair. With continued use, my hair is stronger, with less breakage and thinning.

Will never buy any other products.


I've just completed one full week using the Wash n Go kit and following Alodia's steps. My hair has never looked, felt, and held up so well. My hair is curlier and looks so healthy. For the first time since I've been natural, Im proud of my Wash n Go. These products are amazing!

5 star hair!


A very happy customer! I couldn't be happier with my first twist out with my trial-sized braid/twist kit!! LOVED IT!! Detangling was a breeze(I did the deep conditioning cocktail), and my hair is Sooo soft, my curls are super defined, and bouncy! I'm definitely ordering full sizes!! I loved the oil as well- it smells amazing, and a little goes a LOOONG way. Kudos on fabulous products- my very THICK 4C hair is usually a monster- it eats most products (I have a graveyard of products buried beneath the sink to prove it) and belches, but these tamed and calmed the beast into beautiful, shiny curls with lots of body!

Dr. Isfahan Discusses the Common Hair Myth: "I was Diagnosed with Alopecia"
Dr. Isfahan Discusses the Common Hair Myth: "I was Diagnosed with Alopecia"

January 17, 2018

Did you know that there are several forms of alopecia? As a Hair Practitioner of Trichology and creator of Alodia, this is the question that I pose to many of my customers and clients when they tell me that they were diagnosed with alopecia.

Alopecia is NOT a diagnosis. It is a symptom of hair loss. There are over 10 different major types (and even more subtypes) of alopecia! In this article, I will discuss 10 of the most common types of alopecia.

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Dr. Isfahan's Tips on Eating Your Way to Healthy, Long and Moisturized Hair
Dr. Isfahan's Tips on Eating Your Way to Healthy, Long and Moisturized Hair

January 08, 2018

We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat”. This not only applies to your internal organs but also your hair, skin and nails. Although we all absolutely love our hair, the body looks at hair as something that is superficial and not integral to the health of your body. So, if your body is lacking nutrients because you are constantly drinking soda or eating chips or McDonalds or ice cream, your body will feel depleted of vital nutrients that are essential for your it to function. It will take what little nutrients you have circulating in your blood stream and direct them to your vital organs such as your brain, liver and kidneys. This results in very little nutrients getting to your hair follicle which leads to weak, brittle and dehydrated strands.

Below are 6 Nutrients that you should be eating on a daily basis for healthy hair growth and a hair smoothie recipe for long, moisturized healthy hair.


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Top 7 Harmful and Toxic Hair Care Ingredients
Top 7 Harmful and Toxic Hair Care Ingredients

October 31, 2017

Did you know that the average woman uses 12 personal/beauty care products a day containing a staggering 168 different chemicals? Did you also know that human skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals in products that it comes into contact with and that they go directly into the bloodstream? Many of these synthetic chemicals are skin irritants, skin penetrators, endocrine disrupters and are carcinogenic.  Below I am listing the top 7 that you should avoid at all costs:
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