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Hello, I'm Xiara!I've been part of the Alodia team as a Hair and Scalp Specialist since December 2022. I am also a licensed esthetician since 2018.

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Having struggled with my own hair journey, from excessive heat to blindly using products that were harmful to natural hair, I had to cut all my hair off and started my journey to grow my hair longer and healthier than it ever will be. After many years of research, I understand the importance of quality ingredients for hair and scalp health which is the key to growth, length retention, and overall healthy tresses. I also had learned that many products on the market that claim to be for us, are actually not and are aiding to damage we experience. Alodia on the other hand, is a brand I wholeheartedly trust, support, and love.

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About Xiara

My favorite products from Alodia: Moisturize & Define Curling Cream Gel & Nourish & Hydrate Deep Conditioning Masque

Hair Type: 3

Scalp Condition: Itchy, flaking

Porosity: High

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