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Dr. Chambers-Harris

Dr. Chambers-Harris' Journey from Damaged Relaxed hair to Healthy Natural Hair

It’s New Years Eve 2009 and after 15 years of battling dryness, breakage and an itchy scalp from chemical relaxed I decided to grow out my relaxer and fully commit to become fully natural.
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Healthy Hair Oils for your healthier and longer hair

Top 5 Oils that Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Essential Oils such as Basil, Lavender, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Thyme have great reputations for preventing hair loss and promoting healthy growth of new hair.
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Dr. Chambers-Harris

Introduction to Alodia Hair Care's Creator, Dr. Chambers-Harris

After 15 years of struggling with damaged hair and an itchy scalp from chemical relaxers, I decided in 2014 to make my dream reality.
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