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Biotin for Hair Growth: Myth or Miracle?


Have you ever taken Biotin for hair growth? How about vitamin B7, co-enzyme R or vitamin H?

 All of these vitamins are just different names for Biotin and many women desiring healthy long hair, take them for hair growth.  Even many hair product companies will use Biotin in their formulas boasting its hair growth capabilities.  However, does Biotin actually help you grow your hair??

 What is Biotin?

Biotin, (also known as vitamin H, co-enzyme or vitamin B7), is a member of the B vitamin family. All B vitamins are responsible for helping the body metabolize fats and proteins to produce energy.

 How do we naturally get Biotin and how much does the body need?

Only a small amount of biotin is needed daily, and biotin deficiency is rare.

Most people ingest enough biotin through their diet and vitamin supplementation is not necessary. In fact, there is no recommended daily allowance of biotin in the United States.

Biotin is found in eggs, especially egg yolk; sardines; nuts, including almonds, peanuts, pecans and walnuts; soybeans; whole grains; cauliflower and bananas. Bacteria in our own intestines also naturally produce biotin. 

 Where did the idea of Biotin Increasing Hair Growth Come From?

There is only very weak evidence to suggest that biotin supplementation results in improvements to hair, skin or nails. Biotin supplementation in those who are not biotin deficient has not been shown to improve hair health or growth. A few studies do show that biotin supplementation in combination with other supplements (niacin and saw palmetto) may promote hair growth in men that already have clinical alopecia.  Also, where I used to work, The National Institutes of Health, say there is not enough evidence to recommend biotin use for hair loss. 

In conclusion, there is no real evidence that using hair products or hair vitamins with Biotin aid in hair growth. Also be very wary of companies that tout miracle hair growth products that grow your hair several inches in a few months. As a Medical Scientist, products like this anger me because I know that they are trying to take advantage of customers. It is a scientific fact that hair grows on average, about ½ inch a month, which is about 6 inches a year.

Instead of focusing on products and vitamins that contain Biotin, focus on having healthy eating habits, drinking lots of water, exercising regularly and using high quality all natural products like Alodia Hair Care. Taking care of your body and hair on a consistent basis will create the environment for healthy hair to thrive!

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