Dr. Chambers-Harris

Introduction to Alodia Hair Care's Creator, Dr. Chambers-Harris

By day I am a Medical Scientist, using my Bio-Medical and Public Health training to analyze diseases that affect under-served populations both nationally and internationally.

By night, you will find me in my kitchen, working on my latest moisturizing hair oil or whipping up some body lotion for my beautiful twin boys. My dream has always been to start a company where I marry my medical science background with my passion to create high quality hair, skin and baby products made with natural ingredients.

After  years of struggling with damaged hair and an itchy scalp from chemical relaxers, I decided in 2014 to make my dream reality, by founding Alodia Hair Care. One of the main missions of Alodia Hair Care is to provide quality products that people can trust and to empower people around the world to Learn, Love and Grow their hair!

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