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#TextureTuesday Can You Make Your Hair Thicker?


I received a question last week from a woman wanting to know if there were any products that could make her hair thicker and fuller. The quick answer is yes and no.

Why? When most women refer to their hair's thickness, they are actually referring to hair density. This is the amount of hair strands that are on your head per square inch. The amount of hair strands on your head are present at birth. There is no way to increase the number of individual hairs on your head.

However, it is possible to make your individual strands appear to be thicker in diameter. Low quality hair products can coat your hair and prevent water from entering the hair shaft, which ultimately makes the individual strands look thinner. Developing a hair regimen that includes high quality and natural products can keep your hair moisturized and healthy, which can lead to the appearance of thicker looking strands.

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