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Our Mission

Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris is committed to educating women on holistic health approaches to natural hair care. As a woman of color, mother, Bio-medical Scientist, and Trichology practitioner, she understands first-hand the misperceptions and misinformation that exists around textured hair. Alodia, was created with the primary goal of educating and empowering women around the globe so that their hair and scalps can thrive!

Alodia  was birthed out of Dr. Isfahan’s’ personal experiences with unnatural, toxic hair care products. Facing excessive hair damage, she turned to her expertise in biology and chemistry. Over a 3-year period filled with countless research and experimentation, she developed transformative products made with organic and natural ingredients.In 2017, Dr. Isfahan officially launched Alodia, which features a full line of clinically proven, science backed products and hair kits designed to make the growth and maintenance process simple.  Our products solve problems such as hair breakage, scalp thinning, excessive shedding, itchy flaking scalps and more.

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We are on the hunt for dedicated individuals to join our growing community of #Alodia Loyals. Are you ready to help us share the message of  transformative hair care with the world?
As an Alodia Loyal, you'll have the opportunity to champion the fusion of science and nature in hair care, just like our founder, Dr. Isfahan. Your creativity will be the driving force behind spreading our mission far and wide – empowering others to embrace their hair's true potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassadors commit to creating a set number of content pieces showcasing Alodia products, engaging with our social media, and aligning with our brand values.

Ambassadors enjoy exclusive discounts, gifts, free products and rewards, and the opportunity to be featured on our official channels.

The partnership duration will last as long as you can create content! Months can be skipped and you can rejoin and earn at your convenience.

You will have a full calendar month to fulfill at least the minimum tier amount of content. If you’re unable to, we’ll skip your rewards for that month and you can jump back in when you’re ready.

The Ambassador program offers exclusive benefits and the chance to be part of a growing community, but it is not a paid position.

Absolutely! We encourage your creativity. Just ensure they align with our brand values, objectives, and the monthly creative brief we send out.

If all of your posts for that month get our approval, you’ll receive your rewards at the end of each month!

Of course! Just make sure revisions get posted before the end of the month.