Nourish, Cleanse & Moisturize Bundle For Dry, Breaking Hair

Nourish, Cleanse & Moisturize Bundle For Dry, Breaking Hair

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If your low porosity hair feels dry, wiry, tangly or brittle,  it doesn’t mean that it is damaged it is just  lacking hydration, softness and flexibilityHydrating thick dry brittle hair  is key to getting the soft, moisturized hair you desire. This bundle will give you the results you desire!

This Bundle Includes:

8oz Nourish & Grow Healthy Hair and Scalp Oil

8oz Organic Black Soap Wash 

12oz Deep Conditioning Masque

8oz Butter Creme


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Nourish, Cleanse & Moisturize Bundle For Dry, Breaking Hair

Customer Reviews

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Teandra R
Low Porosity Hair Care Bundle

First off I would like to ask God to please Keep Blessing your Anointed Products. I have suffered for years, alopecia, dry and brittle hair and no growth. I have spent loads of money on the latest and greatest products for 4C hair and nothing has worked. I even went DIY and still couldn't get it right. Thank God for Alodia!! Not only is my hair soft and moisturized I can finally comb through my hair. Also after 11years of being natural I can see a curl pattern. I wash and deep condition once a week and 3 days I do LOC method. Let me tell you that hair scalp oil and curling butter cream is Perfect!! Thank you for taking out time to figure low porosity hair care out and providing products for us 4C ladies. P.S. if I can make one suggestion please don't go commercial they don't care about our Hair and the products on the market are unsafe! Thank you so much!!

Lauren B
Great Products

I usually struggle with washing my own hair, but these products left my hair feeling super soft and manageable. Haven't been using it for that long, but I plan to continue. My hair feels great!


I received my purchase a week ago. My very first shampoo experience with the Organic Black Soap was amazing. The amount of suds that came from just a couple of drops was equivalent to a quarter size of traditional shampoo. My hair felt so squeaky clean but moisturized. The Deep Conditioner truly allowed me to detangle my very coiled curls. The Curl Enhancing Butter and the Healthy Hair and Scalp Oil smells sooooo great and allowed me to wear an afro for the first time without shrinking my hair from 3 inch high to one. I love all the products so far, and I recommend it to anyone looking to feel and see results.

Feel the clean!

First, your products smell divine! My hair has no residue when I rinse after washing; I can feel the clean.

Nice smell

I've only been using the products for 2 weeks. I like the way they smell. My hair is moisturized on wash day but goes back to being severely dry the next day and continues to shed. I sleep with a satin cap. I'll keep using the products and hope for improvement.


I found this brand on Instagram and I've been eyeing their brand for a while now. I downloaded their app and finally placed an order and it was 100% worth it. Looking at the ingredients I knew I would love each and every product in this kit. I've only used this kit once and I

We are committed to using recyclable materials for our product packaging and are against animal testing


All of our packaging is made from 100% recyclable plastic or glass

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None of our products are tested on animals


Most of our products are nut oil and butter free

Alodia is so very passionate about empowering and educating women all around the globe to Learn, Love and Grow their hair

Dr. Isfahan Chambers Harris PhD

CEO and Founder of Alodia,

Our founder, Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris is committed to educating women on holistic health approaches to textured hair care. As a Black woman, mother, Medical scientist, and Trichology practitioner, Dr. Isfahan understands first-hand the misperceptions and misinformation that exists around textured hair. Alodia Hair Care was created with the primary goal of educating and empowering women around the globe.

Alodia Hair Care was birthed out of Dr. Isfahan’s’ personal experiences with unnatural, toxic hair care products. Facing excessive hair damage, she turned to her expertise in biology and chemistry. Over a 3-year period filled with countless research and experimentation, she developed transformative products made with organic and natural ingredients.

Alodia is a clinically proven hair and scalp care line that uses virtual hair and scalp consultations See More

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Frequently Asked Questions

All product ingredients are listed on each and every product page.

All of our products nourish the scalp and moisturize and strengthen the strands providing the perfect environment for length retention.

Please visit a dermatologist or your doctor to understand the type of alopecia you have. This is extremely important so that we have a better understanding of the treatments that can work for you. Alopecia is in general hair loss but there are over 10 different types of hair loss and even more subtypes. With alopecia, visiting your doctor, diet and consistently using a healthy Alodia routine all play a part so you will need to focus on both things to get your hair and scalp health on track.

Yes, our Organic Black Soap Wash and Deep Conditioning masque when used on a weekly basis is clinically proven to reduce dryness and irritation of the scalp by 87% after 4 weeks of use. Keep in mind that with dermatitis, diet and hair care practices all play a part so you will need to focus on both things to get your hair and scalp health on track.

We were very intentional about the oils we used when creating our products and they cause no build up and are light weight.

Yes our products work for children as long as they can properly close their eyes during the shampoo process.

No our products work for all hair types. On each product page you will see our recommendations for which products work best on which hair type.

We currently do not offer in person consultations.

Yes they do! We recommend the Organic Black Soap Wash and Nourish and Grow Oil.

If you find that your scalp is sensitive to oils and that they cause irritation, we do not recommend using our oils on your scalp (You can use on your strands but not directly on your scalp).

You can contact us via our customer service email:

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