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Flourish Herbal Infusion + Stimulating Scalp Massager bundle

Gain strength and retain length with this awesome limited edition bundle! 

What you get:

1 Flourish Herbal Infusion and 1 Stimulating Scalp Massager 

Flourish Herbal Infusion and Scalp Massager use:

Recommended use: 2-3 times a week and ONLY 4-8 drops for your entire scalp ( Depending on the thickness of your hair ). Use the scalp massager, massaging the oil in to the scalp.

pumpkin oil ,safflower oil, red ginseng extract, lemongrass, lavender, spearmint, green tea extract, saw palmetto extract, rosemary,  nettle, horsetail, saw palmetto berries, green tea leaves, hibiscus flowers

d before bedtime or as needed.

Recommended Use: 2-3 times  weekly on the scalp and massage into the scalp

*Shake well before using. You may feel a tingling sensation when applying which is normal.

Who It's For

For those with normal scalps that want to increase hair growth. This product also works well for people experiencing early signs of genetic thinning and traction alopecia. If you have scarring alopecia such as CCCA, please consult your doctor.

What Is It

Our new Flourish Hair & Scalp Herbal infusion is a nutrient rich, intensive handmade formula that infuses actual organic green tea leaves, hibiscus flowers and organic saw palmetto berries helping to both decrease thinning and stimulate hair growth.

This rich organic formula uses natural ingredients to decrease DHT on the scalp and follicles, helping to alleviate thinning caused by traction alopecia or early-stage genetic thinning.

The organic formula also uses natural ingredients such as actual green tea leaves and saw palmetto berries and essential oils to help stimulate the follicles and nourish the scalp for longer, stronger, healthier hair growth.

Safe For

Natural hair, hair in tension styles (twists, braids, weaves, wigs etc.) Color treated, keratin treated, chemically treated hair, chemically relaxed hair, children, men

What It Does

Reduces inflammation and thinning cause by DHT. Nourishes and stimulates the follicles for healthy hair growth.