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It’s New Year’s Eve 2009 and after years battling dryness and breakage from chemically relaxed hair , I decided to grow out my relaxer and fully commit to becoming natural. 

During the time, I was enrolled as a Ph.D. student studying Bio-Medical Sciences at  Morehouse School of Medicine. I became fascinated with the science of multicultural hair and spent countless hours studying and researching hair structure, properties and maintenance methods.

I used this knowledge to create my own products and incorporated them into a hair care regimen designed to promote moisture and length retention. 

Midway through my natural hair journey, I decided to create a YouTube channel ( alodiahaircare) to empower others through education on the science of multicultural and textured hair while guiding them through the transition from a relaxer to natural hair.

My number one mission is to create high quality natural products that people can trust and to help women around the world to Learn, Love and Grow their hair.


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