Hair Consultation

Wondering what you will receive in this personalized consultation?

Frustrated with your hair? Hair doesn't seem to grow? Is your hair thin, brittle and breaking? Have you tried everything but nothing has worked?

If so, this free consultation is for you!

Dr. Isfahan, PhD Scientist, Trichologist and Founder of Alodia, is so very passionate about empowering and educating on how to correctly take care of your hair and scalp so that you can have a head full of thriving hair and that your hair can reach its own potential.

You will receive:
• A video response from Dr. Isfahan
• A write up emailed to you on what you need to do to get your hair and scalp on track
• List of products that will help you achieve a healthy scalp and hair
• A discount code for 20% off your next purchase

The video testimonial after the consultation

“This consultation has been beyond helpful!!”

From this consultation I've learned so much about my hair and scalp.

Before this, it was trial and error for me not knowing what to do and listening to other people, seeing what works for them. Learning about what I can actually do for my own hair, it not only empowers me as a black woman but it also lets me know that there is HOPE for my mane!

– Lisa E.

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PLEASE READ!!! If you have serious thinning/balding, scarring alopecia, are taking medications that have side effects of hair loss or have a chronic illness that affects your hair, our products will not be able to 100% help. Please keep in mind that while our products will help with nourishing, moisturizing and strengthening your hair, you will need to either see your doctor or dermatologist in addition to using our products.

If you are suffering from hair breakage, early stage traction alopecia, chronic scalp issues or need an overall healthy hair and scalp regimen, we recommend this consultation.